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05 Jul 2011

Majlis – A Center for Rights Discourse and Multidisciplinary Arts Initiative

A non-governmental socio-cultural association, MAJLIS was originally founded as a women’s movement initiative. Today, Majlis has a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary range of activities including rights discourse and arts initiatives, urban study projects, festivals, and fellowship programmes for artists and lawyers.

Majlis is open to cooperation projects with organisations or projects abroad. Its site gives a structured overview of its diverse activities. You also find a digital image archive here.

Majlis means association in Hindustani. The word is commonly used with subtle different connotations in Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Arabic, Persian and many other languages of the continent. Our center is a people’s forum- fluid, flexible, layered, inter-disciplinary and multi-cultural.

The beginning of Majlis lies in the women’s movements of the ’80s. The founders of Majlis are trained and honed by the euphoric beginning of the feminist consciousness of that era. Since then Majlis has grown in the most non-linear fashion - responding to concerns of cultural practices and rights discourse, often surprising even those within the organisation.

The centre was officially inaugurated in 1990 with a women’s cultural festival titled Expression in Mumbai.

The center functions primarily as a production, distribution and mobilisation unit countering the globalised market onslaught as well as opposing the hegemony of privileged cultures. The programme towards this goal range from fellowships for artists to film/theatre/visual arts/CD-Rom productions to facilitating various initiatives towards archiving to pedagogical activities to mobilizing art initiatives in the fora of political articulations.