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05 Jul 2011

Long March Project

Long March Project is an ongoing curatorial and artisitc practice initiated in 1999, and begun in 2002. It's multifaceted practices including collective walks, discussions, collective writings, visual displays among others. By introducing China’s revolutionary “Long March” (1934–36) as the guiding metaphor, it potentiates the discursive lines of enquiry into a range of different Long March Projects in China and abroad. In it, the "Long Marchers" practice across various geographies, discussing ideas of revolutionary memory in the present-days context, and collaborating with participants from around the world to reconnect or redevelop our sense of historical consciousness and generate new ways of perceiving political, social, economical, and cultural realities. 

In the context of Long March Project, “project” refers to a series of core non-exhibition artistic practices. As Long March Project’s function and form incorporates that of scholar, curator and art space, following after the methodology laid down in the inaugural project “Long March – A Walking Visual Display” (2002), each subsequent project chooses prescient issues of discussion whilst adhering to the notion of the inseparability of the present from the historical. Therefore, every Long March Project project takes on a different form specific to the particular context, reflecting back the local historical context by means of display, discussion, creation, projection, action, and more.