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23 Jan 2018

Land Art Mongolia - LAM

LAM 360° (Land Art Mongolia | acronym LAM) is a biennial art festival located in Mongolia. LAM focuses on Land Art as a form of spatial visualization of the relations between nature, culture and social policies. It strongly promotes freedom of expression in joining people and institutions from all sectors of Mongolian society by meshing their respective backgrounds and perspectives through collaboration and networking actions of regional and global scope. 

By doing so, the organisation would like to incite an advanced discourse on cultural and social policy which will take up environmental and social sustainability with a strong emphasis on the most vulnerable sectors of society in Mongolia (such as: nomadic people | ethnic minorities | non-commercial cultural organizations and youth) in the broader perspective of cultural transformation in Central Asia. 

LAM has an open international call for participants in the period before each biennial festival.  It has engaged prominent international curators and become a highly respected international event.

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