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19 Apr 2011

Kino Magazine

Published by The Union of Bulgarian Film Makers

The KINO (Cinema) magazine is a unique bimonthly issue for film culture and film theory in Bulgaria. It is addressed to a certain target group of film art connoisseurs – film professionals, cinemagoers, and very special peoples for whom cinema is not only amusement but also an aesthetic experience, knowledge and self-understanding.

The KINO magazine is an authors’ issue. Critics and film authors from all generations of Bulgarian cinematographic reflection publish theirs texts here. The team of editors relies on a range of professionals, who with talent and high skill analyze and rationalize the processes in the Bulgarian, European and world cinema.

The KINO magazine is a field for discussions and upholding of different points of view about the most important events and problems in the World of Cinema – the Bulgarian, European, and from the whole world. The obligatory condition in the activities of the editors’ team is respect and tolerance to the opinion of authors, opponents and interlocutors. The sensation and yellow information are out of the magazine attention.

The magazine publishes scenarios and different scenario forms for feature, documental, animation and television cinema. The authors are popular and authoritative Bulgarian scenario writers and directors, but also young film professionals.

The KINO magazine defends the democratic and European values in the contemporary Bulgarian cinema-reflection – theoretical and creative - and also in the assessment of the world cinematographic process.
SUBSCRIPTION - Per year including packing and postage is 60 EURO or 79 USD.