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05 Jul 2011

Khandha Arts’n Theatre Company

Khandha Arts 'n Theatre Company, Thailand, is a multi-disciplinary group of independent artists who share common interests in body-mind-spirit and self-development.

They approach advocacy performances and arts as means for raising awareness, self-expression and the tools for social change. Their goal is to create meaningful theatre productions that combine both creative artistic expression as well as social reflection. They adapt their theatre skills and experiences within diverse fields of work for the public and community by conducting workshops and trainings.

Founded by the young Thai Butoh artist, Sonoko Prow, the Khandha Arts’n Theatre Company has its mission to create meaningful theatre and performance art from both social and artistic points of view. The company has collaborated many works with local and International artists and has performed in various performance spaces in the Asia Pacific region. The founder also initiated the 1st International Butoh Festival, Bangkok.

Prow conducts workshops for children and adults training professional acting skills, as well as self-development workshop by Performing Arts; such as raising self-awareness and self-empowerment for many universities, company and organizations.

With Khandha Arts’n Theatre Company she collaborated with many renowned artists both in local and international settings. She constantly engages with various individual artists from the visual arts, photography, media arts, and music and thus shares her own ways of expression in many countries,co-operating with artist communes and groups, on the street and Theatre stages.