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06 Sep 2010

International Cultural Exchange Society (ICES)

The International Cultural Exchange Society (ICES), a non-governmental organization under the laws and jurisdiction of State of Mongolia, is dedicated to building cross-cultural awareness of Mongolian arts and culture in foreign countries by supporting Mongolians to travel and perform abroad, to share Mongolia's rich cultural traditions with the rest of the World.

ICES is also committed to introducing world artists to Mongolian audiences through hosting festivals, special programs, performances, exhibitions, and residencies by visiting artists from countries outside Mongolia. Shortly ICES helps Mongolians to reach the World and the outside World reach Mongolia.

The mission of the International Cultural Exchange Society (ICES) is to foster the sustainable development of Mongolian arts and culture and to promote it throughout the world and at the same time to introduce world culture to Mongolia by creating a broad network of cooperation between Mongolia and the international arts and cultural community.