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02 Sep 2019

International Craft and Artisan Network (ICAN)

International Craft and Artisan Network (ICAN) is a social enterprise providing global educational experiences to craft enthusiast of Indian Crafts. The organisation bases itself on the rich Indian craft heritage and connects the learner to the artisan creating and dealing in Indian crafts.

Our Vision

“Creation of a global network of Artisans”

Having studied the environment and habitat of the crats and the craftsmen at close quarters, the founders are promoting the same to the educationists, fashionistas and designers looking at Indian craft for inspiration.

Indian Master Craftsmen and national award winners are connected with ICAN on this networking platform to provide a holistic experience to all wanting to study Indian crafts closely. We at ICAN conduct in house and an onsite workshop, where a complete activity schedule ranging from craft study, documentation, hands on experience is provided to the learner. The leaners return with tangible and physical products along with a life time mentors for guidance further on.

We invite interested organisations to connect with ICAN for craft related workshops, wherein our master craftsmen can provide craft education along with ancillary activities for a complete experience in celebrating Indian craft.