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24 Jun 2011


Founded in 1995 in Barcelona, INTERARTS is a private agency with international projection, the aim of which is:

  • to advise in the design of cultural policies,

  • to contribute to the processes of development through the cultural sector

  • to facilitate the transference of knowledge and information in the field of culture.

Its principal areas of performance are in the field of cultural policies and cultural co-operation. Today INTERARTS is active among other various innovative fields in those concerned with the cultural rights and with the organization of new creative industries.

It is the foremost aim of INTERARTS to include a cultural element in all projects concerning human development.

Read about its projects and its main areas of activity:

  • applied research in the cultural sector (generation of knowledge based on the observation and evaluation of projects, programmes and policies, along with the participation in international research-action processes);

  • transfer of knowledge (dissemination of information to generic and specific publics ā€“ publications, websites, documentation, etc. ā€“ as well as the organisation of a range of permanent training and the design of specific training modules, among others)şcultural cooperation (collaboration in cultural processes at a local and international level, active participation in international debates on the values of culture and cultural cooperation, and management of events for the dissemination of knowledge in the cultural sector);

  • advice (support for the design of public cultural policies and the definition of initiatives from the business or association sectors).

INTERARTS is organized in accord with the following:

As a laboratory of ideas and centre of applied investigation, INTERARTS focuses on emergent cultural issues of political relevance and contributes to the elaboration of proposals for the implementation of cultural policies.

Culture is a key element in the process of development. It is with this end in mind that INTERARTS coordinates the management of international projects concerned with cooperation for development and acts as consultant in the organization of creative industries.

Formation and information
Training is one of the core activities of INTERARTS with the organisation of short cycles of thematic seminars and of initiatives such as the international Campus for cultural cooperation, implemented in different geographic areas. Through its bulletin, Cyberkaris, and its website, INTERARTS continuously diffuses studies and information relevant to cultural cooperation.

INTERARTS carries out its activity for public and private entities from its offices in Barcelona and has a wide experience in the development of cultural cooperation projects in the national and international area.

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