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01 May 2019

Indian Music Experience, India

Located in JP Nagar, South Bangalore, just 2 km from Yelachenahalli Metro Station, the Indian Music Experience (IME) is India’s only interactive music museum. It features a Sound Garden with 10 playable musical sculptures, Exhibit Galleries with musical instruments, storyboards, touchscreens, mini-theaters and audio-video kiosks, and a Learning Centre with regular classes and workshops. With themes ranging from the legends of Bollywood, to folk music from around the country, to classical maestros and contemporary bands, the IME covers the entire spectrum of Indian music, from the traditional to the contemporary. The IME is designed to the best international standards and is housed in a beautifully constructed contemporary building surrounded by greenery. While the IME is an ideal place for international tourists to understand India’s cultural diversity, it is equally fascinating for Indian audiences, both young and old, to reconnect with their culture and discover more about their music. In addition to museum visits, an event calendar of regular concerts, storytelling for children, film screenings, workshops and seminars, makes the IME a must-visit destination for culture vultures and music aficionados. Permanent collections:
  • 130 Musical Instruments
  • 60 paintings
  • Over 1000 images
  • Over 1500 recordings of music and videos
  • 11 Computer Interactives
  • 2 films
  • 10 sound installations

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