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06 Jul 2011

Independent Street Arts Network (ISAN)

The Independent Street Arts Network (ISAN) is the national membership and strategic organisation that supports the development of outdoor arts in the UK and brings the sector together. ISAN currently represents over 130 members from across the UK, Ireland and beyond.

ISAN's overall aim is to develop outdoor arts in all their forms. They currently fulfil their core aim through a number of programmes and activities under three broad areas:

Membership Services

  • Sector Services – made available and of benefit to the sector as a whole

  • Sectoral Development Services – designed to develop and move the sector forward

Over the coming years, until 2015, ISAN will deliver their mission to support outdoor arts in all its forms and advocate its benefits and practice through the following four objectives to:

  • Support, grow and develop the ISAN membership

  • Shape local and national level policy in the outdoor arts sector

  • Be the voice for the outdoor arts sector in the UK and abroad

  • Strengthen ISAN as an organisation

In 2010, ISAN undertook the first comprehensive mapping of training and professional development in the outdoor arts sector in the UK, including the Republic of Ireland. This study was commissioned by Arts Council England to strengthen and support the development of the sector.

The study identified that training and professional needs vary in a workforce that is diverse, highly educated, split evenly between self-employment and employment, and with many different routes into the sector.

To date, ISAN has addressed the needs of the two main groups of key workers, artists and producers (including senior career professionals), in the sector to produce the following support:

  • ISAN Outdoor Arts Education & Training Guide: is an interactive online resource that is updated every year. This targets the needs of artists and creative professionals.

  • ISAN Outdoor Arts Leadership Network: was developed as a professional development project that ran from 2010 to 2011 with funding from the Clore Leadership Programme. This targets the needs of producers, programmers and other senior career professionals.