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05 Jul 2011

Hong Kong Fringe Club

In the years since it was established in 1983, the Fringe Club has become a vibrant contemporary arts space where artists create and show their work, and those who enjoy the arts come to meet and see shows. Facilities for exhibitions and performances are offered rent-free to both emerging and professional artist in Hong Kong and from overseas.

Over the years, by pursuing this policy of open access, the Fringe Club has come to be identified with freedom of expression. This freedom is invariably associated with the pleasure of creating, showing and enjoying the arts. The Fringe Club has presented 28 festivals and produced 24 original theatre, dance and site specific pieces. It has also arranged 68 tours in 15 cities, hosted over 100 residencies, and held over 1,600 exhibitions, 3,300 community outreach events, over 3,000 live-music shows, 9,000 stage performances and numerous overseas presentations.