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04 Jul 2011

Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Established in 1995, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (ADC) is a statutory body set up by the Government to support the broad development of the arts in Hong Kong. Its major roles include grant allocation, policy and planning, advocacy, promotion and development, and programme planning.

As the ADC’s principal decision-making body, the Council comprises 27 members appointed by the Chief Executive of Hong Kong. Of these, 10 are elected by various arts constituencies. Overseeing the administration of the ADC, these professional and enthusiastic advocates are dedicated to the formulation and implementation of sound policies to promote the arts in Hong Kong.

The Council comprises six standing committees, namely the Arts Promotion Committee, Arts Support Committee, Management Committee, Audit Committee, Review Committee and Strategy Committee, as well as 10 art-form groups.

The ADC also invites local arts veterans and professionals to be the arts advisors and examiners to assist in planning and implementation of arts initiatives. Arts advisors are to provide professional guidance and expertise while examiners are tasked with assessing funding applications and making grant-related recommendations.


Our vision is to establish Hong Kong as a dynamic and diverse cultural metropolis.


The ADC is to plan, promote and support the broad development of the arts including literary arts, performing arts, visual arts as well as film and media arts in Hong Kong. Aiming to foster a thriving arts environment and enhancing the quality of life of the public, the ADC is also committed to facilitating community-wide participation in the arts and arts education, encouraging arts criticism, raising the standard of arts administration and strengthening the work on policy research.

While maintaining close ties with the arts and cultural community, the ADC also works closely with a diverse group of public and private partners – the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, the Development Bureau, the Home Affairs Bureau, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Education Bureau, the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, mainland authorities, overseas bodies and local arts groups. It hopes to reach a strong social consensus on arts development in Hong Kong, a focal point where ideas, practices and influence converge to distinguish the city as a cultural metropolis in Asia where a thriving arts community with top-notch talents takes root.


- Freedom of artistic expression

- Overall development of the arts in an embracing society that cherishes plurality and diversity in the arts

- Igniting the creative spark in a city and enriching the quality of life of the public

- Social cohesion, humanistic values and community spirit

- Equal access to culture and the arts


- Exerting influence on cultural policy-making through research findings

- Providing greater support to the arts community for artistic pursuits

- Establishing platforms to launch arts groups into the public and the market

- Encouraging public participation and expanding audience base; promoting arts education and popularising the arts

- Drawing arts veterans and cultivating new talents to raise professional standards of practice

- Exploring community resources and fostering partnerships to promote arts development

- Strengthening cultural exchanges with Mainland and overseas counterparts

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