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17 Apr 2011

Hogeschool Gent - KASK

Audio-visual art department
The film department gives a global training to become a filmmaker. Therefore, KASK does not draw a sharp line between fiction and documentary, film and video, between the technical and artistic component. The school does not turn out directors, scenarists or producers in the strict sense of the word, but personal filmmakers. This is what makes this course program unique in Flanders.

The KASK animation film department was the first one of its kind in Europe and remains an international point of reference. Classical media such as drawing, with a pencil and pen as well as a computer, take an important part in the animation film making process. The film and animation film workshops are completely digitally equipped, as are the photography workshops. Students can choose from the very beginning, if they want to progress in the film or in the animation film section for their bachelor & master of Audio-Visual programme.