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26 Jun 2011

Hivos - Arts and Culture

Hivos is a Dutch development organisation guided by humanist values. Together with local civil society organisations in developing countries, Hivos wants to contribute to a free, fair and sustainable world. A world in which all citizens – both women and men – have equal access to opportunities and resources for development and can participate actively and equally in decision-making processes that determine their lives, their society and their future.

Hivos believes that art and culture perform a vital role in the advancement of democratic and varied societies. That is why Hivos supports independent and innovative initiatives in Africa, Asia and Latin America that serve to inspire people, stimulate creativity and create possibilities for dialogue. Priorities include encouraging local cultural productions and festivals; developing new talent, developing national and international cultural exchange projects; organising cultural debates and improving the cultural infrastructure.

Hivos supports over 600 partners in 26 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Hivos provides financial resources, knowledge and advice as well as political support to these local community-based organisations. In addition, Hivos itself is active in the area of policy advocacy, both on the international stage and in the Netherlands. Civil society building and sustainable economic production are Hivos’ central policy themes. Part of the programme is implemented from the regional offices in Zimbabwe, India, Costa Rica and Indonesia. As from 2011, there will also be offices in East Africa and South America. These offices take care of a significant part of the contacts with partner organisations, such as providing on-going advice and support.

Through its regional offices, Hivos strengthens local organisations by means of capital, knowledge and contacts. Hivos is active in the area of policy advocacy and plays an important role in local civil society. Hivos also stimulates the building, exchange and application of knowledge for development. As a member of coalitions and a broker of contacts, Hivos belongs to a large number of networks.

Hivos contributes to:

  • sustainable economic development

  • democratisation, human rights, gender and AIDS

  • culture, ICT and media

  • responsible citizenship and transparency