14 Jul 2015


Heritage Commons is a socio-cultural enterprise that is changing the way cultural spaces are perceived, experienced, and understood. We are strongly motivated to transform the current state of the cultural spaces within our country, as well as those beyond its borders. We intend to promote different aspects of our rich heritage – monuments, artworks, art traditions, artefacts, and especially museums – so that the cultural experience becomes mainstream and is more easily accessible by the public, especially by younger audiences.

Our Mission:

  • To demonstrate creative thought, fresh energy and new ideas around India’s museums, as well as its cultural and heritage spaces.

  • To engage the younger generation with the past so that they can experience the value of museums.

  • To change the museum experience with the help of new media technology.

  • To encourage the active involvement of companies in enhancing and promoting the culture and heritage of this country.

  • To extend this model to other parts of Asia.

Heritage Commons aims to secure our heritage in the digital domain so that it stays preserved and is readily available for both current and future generations. Stories are documented around our culture, art, and artefacts in order to create dialogue-based content which is interactive and easy to digest.

To transform the cultural firmament of the country, we intend to actively collaborate with government agencies, cultural policy makers, cultural and educational institutions, non-profit entities, and companies. We will also promote and support exchange programs between museums in India and those in other countries.

We create unforgettable experiences for museum visitors and tourists by enriching the content of Indian museums and cultural institutions and intend to extend this model to other countries in the region, which will stimulate economies across Asia.