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06 Sep 2010

Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism - ODYSSEUS portal

The Ministry has developed ODYSSEUS portal, with the aim to guarantee the conditions for the central systematic and reliable communication of Greek Culture in the Internet globally. ODYSSEUS portal is mainly one node that has communicational, educational, recreational, tourist and more widely social and cultural character with wider dimension and impression. This node, aims mainly in the world electronic visitor and constitutes the most important means for the diffusion and the designation of Greek culture in the digital age.

The Hellenic Culture Organization (H.C.O.), the institution that was recommended by Hellenic Ministry of Culture, in order to face effectively the challenges and to cope with the cultural competition that creates the globalization is administering the portal.

ODYSSEUS presents a comprehensive list of museums, monuments and archeological sites in Greece, as well as special events or projects for Greek history, such as Ancient Olimpic Games and the Return of sculptures of Parthenon.