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14 Mar 2013

Green Mobility Guide | in English, French, Italian, German and Chinese


The Green Mobility Guide for the Performing Arts research dossier is published by Julie's Bicycle and On the Move  in 5 languages. It offers examples from Europe and Asia, with practical recommendations for more environmentally sustainable practices in presenting, touring and festival organisation in the performing arts.

Commissioned by On The Move to creative industries environmental experts Julie’s Bicycle, the Green Mobility Guide offers practical recommendations for professionals across the performing arts, case studies and resources, including the Julie’s Bicycle “IG tool” for tracking carbon emissions while on tour.

Alison Tickell, Director of Julies Bicycle:
Sustainability touches all aspects of our creative sectors. It stimulates carbon as well as financial savings, communicates a positive brand to audiences and artists, pre-empts regulatory demands and builds resilience into our future business models. This piece of work is an attempt to address the core problem – moving productions contingent on travel and transportation – as sustainably as possible. The performing arts are characterised by creativity, resourcefulness and innovation. This guide hopes to galvanise these qualities and inspire greater ambition so that, together, the arts can play a pivotal role in our future.

OTM invites you to get inspired by other experiences in the arts world - Drom Cultura, IETM/Australia Council for the Arts,  Imagine 2020 network, festivals such as Noorderzone, Electrosmog and Alkantara and many others - and raise your awareness of the impact of all our choices onto the environment and what can be done to make a difference.

Martina Marti, President of On The Move (to 2011):
We at On the Move strongly believe in the importance of mobility as a way to grow – not economically but in our capacity as human beings, broadening our horizons, seeing how others do things. But we have to ask ourselves: Is promoting mobility still responsible nowadays with pollution and global warming becoming possibly the biggest threats to humankind in history? How does my mobility today influence our world of tomorrow? The Green Mobility Guide shows that once again artists also come up with creative solutions to address this issue.

You can also find the Green Mobility Guide and other important environmental advice and information resources dedicated to music, orchestras, screens, theatres and visual arts on Julie´s Bicycle´s website:

Download The Green Mobility Guide - a guide to environmentally sustainable mobility for performing arts [in English]

Originally published in English (June 2011), the Green Mobility Guide is now available in Italian, in Germanin French and in Chinese!