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03 Oct 2018

Golden Silk Pheach Preservation Center

Founded in the purest traditions, which have made Khmer silk makers known worldwide, and using closely guarded secrets of production maintained for generations, Golden Silk Pheach, offers a selection of fine and rare art silk products, adapted to the demands of today.

Golden Silk products are ecologically produced from the yellow silkworm, which is traditionally found in Southeast Asia and particularly in the northwest of Cambodia.
This unique silk has almost disappeared due to its extremely low yield (15 times less than white silk), which forbids any mechanization in its transformation process requiring in the meantime, labour intensive and highly skilled methods of producing and weaving.

Nevertheless, the quality and desire for this fine silk is unequalled. At Golden Silk Pheach, our textiles are woven and dyed by hand, making each piece entirely unique.

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