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04 Jul 2011


A website of the creative Hong Kong district of Fontan. Previously an area of vacant industrial buildings, the area today is an artists’ quarter with numerous studios in former factory spaces. Fontanian, named after the art lovers frequenting the area, serves as a marketing tool for the community. It informs on upcoming events, and contains an interactive three-dimensional map which shows studio locations and provides contact data on the art studios belonging to the community organisation.

The Fotanian Open Studio event brings together a vibrant community of artists and art lovers who transformed industrial lofts into art studios.

With the migration of industries to the Mainland, our local creative have started to take refuge in the spacious lofts of vacant industrial buildings since 2000.

Fotanian Open Studio Programme is a major annual event in the local art scene. Every year in January, artists throw open their doors in 2 consecutive weekends to welcome the general public. We get to go behind the scene and explore their creative works, which encompass a wide array of media, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, mixed media, printmaking, installations, photographic and video works. Visitors can freely explore the artists' workplace and hear about their artworks and art-making techniques. To foster sharing and exchange of ideas, visitors are also encouraged to engage in friendly dialogues with the artists in an approachable and open atmosphere.

With over 50 studios and over 180 artists joining hands this year, the Fotanian community is growing at an unprecedented scale.