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29 May 2011

Fás Screen Training Ireland

FÁS/Screen Training Ireland is a state funded national training and development resource specifically created for Ireland’s film and television industry. It was established in 1995 to provide continuing training and career development opportunities for professionals in the independent film and television sector.

FÁS/Screen Training Ireland programmes are designed to meet specific industry needs in relation to emerging market opportunities, technologies and work systems. Training focuses on the changing skill needs of practitioners and the business challenges facing film, television, animation and digital media companies.

The programmes can be categorised as follows:
•business and enterprise training to enhance expertise in business management and strategy development;
•masterclasses and specialised programmes to assist experienced professionals avail of advanced development opportunities;
•programmes to meet long term development needs in the creative areas of Script, Directing and Producing;
•short focused courses to meet updating, upgrading and transfer skills needs of professionals;
•pathways to progression for technical professionals through traineeships; and
•a Bursary Award Scheme enabling experienced professionals to participate in training opportunities abroad, and, if necessary, design a development opportunity customized to meet their individual needs.

All programmes are evaluated and modified based on feedback from participants, tutors and the industry.