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26 Jun 2011

European Institute of Cultural Routes

The European Institute of Cultural Routes has been installed in Luxembourg since July 1997 and, since 1998, it has been in charge with ensuring not only the continuity but also the development of the cultural routes programme of the Council of Europe.

The Institute is  at the same time:

A European public service:

  • Which helps project carriers to seek European partnerships, to analyse actions...;

  • Which ensures political and cultural missions: making concrete the priority axes of the policy implemented by the Council of Europe (European identity, multiculturalism, protection of minorities, inter-religious dialogue, democratic security, prevention of conflicts...);

  • Which works to render more readable and more visible the regulations of the Council of Europe while applying in the form of pilot actions and exemplary practice: the Regulation of the cultural routes, the Conventions and Charters regarding culture, heritage, landscape...;

  • Which carries out a work of cultural and observational vigil to better inform project carriers about the evolution of pan-European co-operation and cultural tourism;

But also a technical agency:

  • Which establishes conventions of partnerships and objectives aiming at the implementation of projects based on multidisciplinarity, the involvement of public and private actors, the involvement of patrons and sponsors...;

  • Which prepares studies and reports;

Which prepares, assembles and produces exhibitions and publishes and co-publishes multimedia works or products...