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16 May 2011

European Festivals Association (EFA)

The European Festivals Association (EFA) is the umbrella organisation for arts festivals in Europe and beyond. Over more than 50 years, the Association has grown into a dynamic network representing more than 100 music, dance, theatre and multidisciplinary festivals, national festivals associations and cultural organisations from 40 (mainly European) countries.

The aim of the European Festivals Association is to support festivals, promote festivals’ significance and their important role in international cultural cooperation and societies today.

Therefore, EFA seeks primarily to

  • coordinate the efforts of its members;

  • facilitate cooperation and co-production;

  • set common policy;

  • promote multidisciplinary tendencies;

  • underline the state of art in society;

  • act prominently in the wider political debate.

The European Festival Research Project is an international, interdisciplinary consortium, focused on the dynamics of artistic festivals today and seeking to understand the current explosion of festivals and its implications and perspectives.

Members' Benefits at the European Festivals Association, the representative umbrella organisation of arts festivals across Europe and beyond are numerous:

  1. You are part of an open powerful representative international association

  2. You have several networking opportunities to meet with other festivals and international organizations

  3. You share your experiences with your colleagues not only through physical but also virtual networking.

  4. You broaden your communication, promotion and marketing efforts worldwide by means of a European and international outreach of EFA communication tools and a common PR and press campaign.

  5. You have full access to all services of the EFA websites (public and private).

  6. You are regularly updated with information by means of Info Boxes, internal readers and Newsletters.

  7. You have the opportunity to register for exclusive educational programmes by means of the European Atelier for Young Festival Managers.

  8. You have full access to all databases, researches, reports and studies published by EFA and in cooperation with other international institutions.

  9. You are taking part in and you are represented by a series of exclusive EFA flagship projects including the EFA BOOKS series, the EFA Arts E-Shop, the Arts' Festivals Declaration, the European Atelier and others.

  10. You are visibly involved and strongly represented in the European cultural debate in a broader socio-political context vis-Ă -vis supranational bodies and colleague networks and all EFA activities in this framework.

  11. You are participating in an international mission of EFA that reaches out for cooperation and interaction with African and Asian festivals and partners.