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03 Jul 2014

European Association for Audiovisual Communication

The European Association for Audiovisual Communication (EAAC) is a child of the modern global internet world. From a technological standpoint the 21st century society is based on digital multimedia and global communications. These new opportunities are the beginning of a new period of social communicative forms.

The founders of the association (EAAC) are public organizations with great acknowledgements in the areas of education, culture and science. The different spheres of their activities enrich the association and ensure a wide range of possibilities. The association is an open organization and one of its tasks is popularizing its activity and association with a larger amount of members, united by common projects and goals.

In its activities, EAAC includes all possible means to transfer information – audiovisual equipment, computer, and communication and information networks. The target areas of implementation are all aspects of human life, including education. In that area EAAC is working on the development of e-learning, web-based, online and distance learning. The association is working on development of electronic and information technologies in education as well as in improving the informational infrastructure and increasing the expertise of educators.

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