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02 Dec 2014

Euro – Asia Promotion and Cultural Foundation

The Euro – Asia Promotion and Cultural Foundation (EAPCF) was established in 1998 and is based in Brasov, Romania. Designed to become a link between Europe and Asia through Romania, EAPCF has as two main priorities: the economical promotion and the cultural dimension. The organization develops educational, economical and cultural activities with impact at a national and international level.

In 2013, EAPCF received from China Outbound Tourism Research Institute COTRI the Chinese Tourists Welcoming Award for Product Innovation.

In its activity, the EAPCF approaches fields such as:

  • Consulting, Co-operation and Promotion in environmental, amelioration, touristic exchanges, economic, scientific, cultural, artistic and sport activities between Europe and Asia, through Romania as a bridge;

  • Publishing and advertisements;

  • Organizing activities in tourism, taking part to international meetings in science, culture, art and sports;

  • Organizing courses at all levels for gifted and talented young people, carrying out for creative programmes.