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05 Jul 2011

Ethnographic Databank of Laos

A systematically researched and documented ethnographic database of the peoples and cultures of Laos. Apart from merely preserving traditional and historical knowledge, the database is conceptualised to function as a tool for policy and decision makers. The Ethnographic Databank of Laos was created at the Institute for Cultural Research of the Ministry of Information and Culture (ICR) via the organisation of the Ethnographic Data Bank of Laos (E.D.B.L.) project. The site contains information on the research methodology, as well as on ethnography, ecology, health, economy and past and present development programmes in Laos.

To make available on a single internet web site, data already gathered on all the existing cultures in Laos and to add to them freshly collected data from all 18 provinces of Laos.
This data include ethnography, ecology, health, economy and past and present development programs.

The organization of the Ethnographic Data Bank of Laos (E.D.B.L.) project aims at providing a variety of users with a complete range of information on any group in the LAO P.D.R.

A project such as the Ethnographic Data Bank of Laos needs to be supported by a real faith in a change for the better of the preservation of the intangible heritage and bio-diversity and the setting up of sustainable development.

The Data Bank aims to provide tools to the primary actors in these fields.

The ethnographic perspective of the bank has a great advantage in that it enables the preservation of raw data in the form of video or sound clips and digital pictures. The commentary to introduce them will not preclude further detailed studies even when the ritual, the ceremony or the style of costume may have already disappeared.

In this respect the bank will fully take care of intangible heritage.