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04 Jun 2011

Escuela De Artes Visuales - School Of Visual Arts

The School of Visual Arts was founded in 1988. The school offers the following courses:

  • The Certificate Program in Film is aimed at young people who want to immerse themselves in the film world with a solid training both theoretical and practical. Within this framework, students will be exposed to different areas of practical exercises, like writing scripts, producing and directing projects, or post-production.

  • The MA in Film Directing is primarily aimed at graduates in Communication Studies, and established film professionals with knowledge. This intensive course aims to provide students the theoretical and practical training needed to assume responsibility as a film director.

  • The Master Course in Digital Cinematography aims to train future professionals to assume the functions of 1st and 2nd camera operator. This master offers in-depth knowledge of all media in contemporary cinema: 16mm, 35mm (celluloid) and the new HD digital media, BetaDigital, MiniDV25P with emphasis on the processes of transfer-video-film (kinescope), film video (telecine), digital retouching.