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06 Jul 2011


DOD, the industry organisation for dance, is the employer’s association and lobby group for dance companies with long-term subsidies in the Netherlands. The association is the industry organisation for the Dutch professional theatre dance sector and functions as an employer organisation that also represents the interests of the dance sector in general.

Employer organisation
As an employer organisation, the DOD serves as a service and information centre for its members, develops working conditions policies, enters into collective labour agreements with employee organisation FNV-KIEM and also handles intellectual property and neighbouring rights with respect to the use of music in dance shows.

The DOD is also a partner in the cultural pension fund, the working conditions institute for stage arts, the retraining scheme for dancers and the Sociaal Fonds Theater. In addition, the association has also developed a data analysis system (D@S) to which all dance companies contribute attendance, box-office and related figures.

Lobby group
As a lobby group, the DOD aims to consolidate the position of the dance sector in the Netherlands (as well as abroad) through the development of a vision of dance and by, for example, establishing and maintaining contact with interested parties, such as the government, advisory boards, funds, institutes, platforms, press / media, educational institutions and other industry and umbrella organisations. The DOD is also a political lobby group and has a Collective Dance Promotion department.

The Collectieve Danspromotie (CDP) (Collective Dance Promotion) aims to optimize the positioning of professional dance shows in collaboration with producers, festivals, platforms and other relevant organisations. The aim is to consolidate the relationship with the existing public and to expand the audience (reach) for dance. The CDP fulfils a dual function: on the one hand, the CDP is an intermediary with respect to creating and maintaining networks of relevant partners while, on the other, it is the initiator, supervisor and / or executor of collective marketing projects that target the public directly.