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03 Jun 2013

DocNet Southeast Asia

DocNet Southeast Asia is initiated and coordinated by the Goethe-Institut and funded by the EuropeAid programme “Investing in People“. The programme aims to support documentary filmmaking in Southeast Asia and to professionalize and unite varied local initiatives to make the missing voice of the region heard.Diverse, colourful, vibrant – Southeast Asia in its heterogeneity offers with its turbulent history and fast-paced social and political change a treasure of stories for documentary film makers. The digital revolution and affordable technology give young film makers the chance to capture these changing realities. A lack of training opportunities and support networks, however, has hindered film makers to produce well-crafted documentaries of high quality which can compete with international productions and attract the attention of the international audience and festivals.DocNet Southeast Asia addresses independent documentary film makers, producers, film schools, TV stations and other relevant stakeholders and aims to create adequate conditions for the documentary film scene. By organising various events, the project aims to promote networking within and outside of the region, to raise awareness for documentaries from Southeast Asia and to create a market which will give new talents from the region a professional perspective.