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06 Sep 2010

'Desmi' Centre for Ancient Drama

The 'Desmi' Centre for Ancient Drama is an international organisation with its headquarters in Athens and subsidised by the Ministry of Culture and other public and private agencies. The subject with which it is concerned is ancient drama and any theoretical or practical activity relating to that in Greece and abroad.

Its activities extend from research and academic documentation to practical applications. The Centre organizes seminars, symposia and performances, has set up a data-base on ancient drama, supports the efforts of young creative artists, and contributes to educational programmes and publications.

The aims of the 'Desmi' Centre for Ancient Greek Drama - Research and Practical Applications are:

  • the promotion of theoretical study and research in the field of ancient Greek drama;

  • the development of thinking and the promotion of academic and artistic dialogue on the issues which this raises;

  • the recording and appreciation of the heritage of ancient Greek drama;

  • the investigation of its presentation on stage throughout the world;

  • the interpretation and dissemination of ancient Greek drama;

  • the interpretation and dissemination of ancient Greek drama its development into an international centre for reference, communication and information on ancient Greek drama through linkage with other such research centres, university theatre studies departments and theatre companies abroad.