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13 Jul 2015

Delavski dom Trbovlje

Delavski dom Trbovlje (the Trbovlje Workers' Center) puts on theater and film performances, concerts, exhibitions, children's events and contemporary dance, in Trbovlje, Slovenia.

In the DDTlab laboratory, they investigate the relationship between man and technology, question the meaning of culture and push the boundaries between art and science. At the Speculum Artium international festival, which puts the Trbovlje Workers' Home on the cultural map of Slovenia and Central Europe, visitors are encouraged to participate (co-create) and gain a deeper understanding.

With the help (using) modern technology, the centre strives to preserve as much of Trbovel's heritage as possible for future generations. Experiences and examples of good practice are exchanged as part of the European initiative for the preservation of the Time Machine cultural heritage.

They believe that cooperation is the foundation of every community, so they share our knowledge and enthusiasm for creation with young people in workshops. They encourage and support the operation of amateur culture, which enriches the individual and the cultural image of the place. The premises of the building are available to associations and institutions for rehearsals and regular meetings, and we provide professional help and support in the preparation of events.