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07 Oct 2009

Culturelink Network

Culturelink, the Network of Networks for Research and Cooperation in Cultural Development, was established by UNESCO and the Council of Europe in 1989. Aiming to strengthen communication among its members, encouraging international and intercultural communication and collaboration, the Culturelink Network's long-term objective is the development of a world-wide information system for the study of cultural development and cooperation.

The Institute for International Relations (IMO, formerly IRMO), Zagreb, Croatia has been the Network's focal point since its inception. In 2009 Culturelink has celebrated 20 years of continuous activities in promoting and strengthening communication and cooperation among cultural networks, cultural institutions, organisations and cultural professionals and scholars throughout the world.


While collecting, processing and disseminating information on cultural development, cultural life and policies, the main activities of the Culturelink Network include the following: