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25 Jun 2011

CULT.BG Foundation

CULT.BG Foundation was established by the members of InterSpace Media Art Centre Association with the mission to cover, make publicity for and develop the practices and policies in the area of art and culture.

Through  initiating change and actively taking part in the landscape's  restructuring and development CULT.BG strives to set the public focal point it holds for a sine qua non condition for the cultural development of the country. It intends to be an active participant in the ongoing processes, but also to act as a hub for other organizations and individuals,  carrying out all our activities with relevance to the regional and European context.

CULT.BG Foundation aims to create a creative and fruitful environment for sharing ideas and experience, setting up partnerships and broadening the debate on cultural policy.

CULT.BG Foundation aims are:

  • taking part in eleboration of cultural policies, arising debate, advocating and lobbying for cultural development;

  • tracing tendences, mapping practices, discerning and pointing out problems and working out and proposing solutuions in the area of arts and culture;

  • promotion of contemporary Bulgarian art and culture on the Internet;

  • strengthening the position of the Bulgarian server for contemporary art and culture as a media, through iformativeness, compact coverage and reflectiveness, presenting multiple standpoints and plurality of viewpoints;

  • establishing partnerships with similar to CULT.BG Foundation structures operating abroad, joining regional and international networks;

  • presenting at national and international forums the informatioanl and technological services, software and online solutions to organizations operating in the area of art and culture

CULT.BG Foundation activities are in the area of:

  • research and development;

  • consoliation of the NGO sector in arts and culture and networking;

  • advocacy campaigns;

  • support for debut projects of young artists;

  • education and training.

CULT.BG Server for Art and Culture

CULT.BG is the only portal site and cultural server presenting contemporary arts and culture in Bulgaria. The project started in 2000 with the mission to fill the lack of an active specialized media in the field of art and culture that presents what happens in the cultural scene in Bulgaria and analyzes theongoing processes. The other main goal was its development into a community network where players from different social, and cultural groups can communicate, present ideas, make collaborations and joint tactical activities on widen local and international level.

Nowadays is the most popular and informative website for contemporary art and culture in Bulgaria. Due to  its open structure, CULT.BG has managed to involve in its content management most of the cultural institutions, art organizations and artists in Bulgaria.

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