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20 Jan 2014

'Create your own Cultural Centre' | a guide from Trans Europe Halles 'The Resource'



A nine page guide is published covering the initial do's and don'ts when founding a cultural centre. Re-learn, re-engage, re-create! The publication was produced by Stanica cultural centre in Slovakia, in collaboration with Trans Europe Halles Resource.

The author Robert Blaško is one of the co-founders of Stanica cultural centre in Slovakia. He shares his experiences ranging from choice of location to Media and PR through a vast array of subjects touching on volunteer management as well as space usage and audience development.

The well narrated and condensed text is perfect if you are looking to start a new culture centre or only to re-learn and re-engage in your day to day cultural work.

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Trans Europe Halles, the European network of independent cultural centres, has launched The Resource, a collaborative web platform with knowhow, experiences and stories from the independent cultural sector.

Do you want to hear about stories and concrete experiences of people working in the independent cultural sector? The Resource is here to get you inspired!

The Resource is a collaborative web platform integrated into the TEH website. It gathers experiences, stories and know-how from the independent cultural sector and makes it accessible to the wider European sector.