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06 Jul 2011

Council of National Cultural Institutions (CNCI)

The Council of National Cultural Institutions (CNCI) is a statutory body established under the Heritage Fund.

The purpose of the Council is:

  1. to facilitate the pooling together of talent, experience and vision of the Directors of the National Cultural Institutions in furtherance of the national cultural interest

  2. to make recommendations to the Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism on proposed acquisitions using the Heritage Fund Act, 2001.

Membership of the Council comprises the following:
Director, National Archives
Director, National Library of Ireland
Director, National Museum of Ireland
Director, National Gallery of Ireland
Director, Arts Council
Chief Executive, Heritage Council
Director and Chief Executive Officer, Irish Museum of Modern Art
Director, National Concert Hall
Director, Chester Beatty Library
Artistic Director, Abbey Theatre
Director, Crawford Art Gallery

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