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25 Jun 2020

Council & AFIELD Fellowship

Founded in Paris in 2013, Council is an art organisation that operates internationally, gathering a diversity of audiences and collaborators around each project. Council believes in the transformative potential of the arts and works towards extending their influence across other domains.

Our curatorial programme is based on long-term ‘inquiries’ that assemble people and knowledge from the arts, sciences and civil society, in order to foster better understandings of societal issues. Within these inquiries, we curate exhibitions and public programmes, and commission new work by artists, researchers and activists.

Our fellowship programme, AFIELD, supports artists and cultural producers who instigate sustainable social initiatives worldwide.Through specific granting schemes, AFIELD aims to build an international network of inspiring individuals while promoting their role as engaged citizens.

At the crossroad of art and social engagement, AFIELD is an international network of creative and civically minded communities. Based on a fellowship and a mentorship programme, AFIELD supports each year 6 artists and cultural entrepreneurs who instigate sustainable initiatives that benefit society.

The mentorship program is conceived as a peer-to-peer learning program during 18 months. Mentees are selected through an open call by previous fellows and advisors who will be guiding them for that period.

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