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21 Aug 2012

Cité de la céramique – Sèvres and Limoges, France

Cité de la céramique – Sèvres and Limoges      Cité de la céramique – Sèvres and Limoges Cité de la céramique – Sèvres et Limoges is an institution formed by three different institutions - the National Museum of Ceramics of Sèvres, the National Manufacture of Porcelain of Sèvres, and the National Museum Adrien Doubouché in Limoges. Founded in the 19th century by Alexandre Brongniard, the head of the manufacture de Sèvres, the national museum of ceramics has devoted itself to the study and presentation of ceramics from around the world. In its collection there are antique ceramics from Greece, Italy, from Asia,  the Islamic world,  Africa and the Americas. The majority of its collection are European ceramics from the middle ages to the 21st century. The museum has also on display, an important collection of objects produced in the manufacture of Sèvres from the very beginning till today. Both the  National Museum of Ceramics and National Museum Adrien Doubouché have collections of Asian material. The National Museum of Ceramics has 3,000 pieces of Chinese ceramics, 500 pieces Japanese, 250 Korean,  200 Southeast Asian (Viet Nam, Cambodia and Thailand) and 250 pieces of Indian ceramics.  The majority of the ceramics were brought to France from Asia by 19th century travellers. Some of these ceramics, especially the Chinese pieces, were used as models for the manufacture of Sèvres.  The National Museum Adrien Doubouché has a collection of Chinese porcelain.

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