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01 Jul 2011

Chulalongkorn University Art Center

The focus of the Chulalongkorn University Art Centre is a well-appointed purpose-built gallery which hosts regular changing exhibitions of both Thai and international art. Its Director is an internationally-renowed authority on contemporary Thai art.

The Art Center at Center of Academic Resources, Chulaongkorn University has recently re-opened after a whole year of renovation and rearrangements. The Art Center aims to return better equipped and ready to continue the previous commitment towards contemporary art and culture within Thailand and beyond.

Not dissimilar to other laboratories around Chulalongkorn campus, the Art Center has also been another venue for specialists to experiment, innovate and challenge previous perceptions in order to re-define new ideas. In conjunction with exhibiting well established traditional fine art media such as painting, printmaking, sculpture and photography.

The Art Center also intends to be a platform where visual art can also extend beyond its tradition, onto areas of multi-disciplinary practices. For example, science specialists may be invited to collaborate with visual artists on a technology based project or perhaps historians may work well together with contemporary artists to explore new intellectual boundaries based on the combination of specialist know-how.

Creativity is an essential craft of survival for all graduates in tomorrow’s world and imagination must extend beyond what we already understand.