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27 Aug 2013

Chamber Music New Zealand

Chamber Music New Zealand (CMNZ) is the country's largest presenter of chamber music concerts throughout New Zealand. It is a not-for-profit organisation that receives major funding from Creative New Zealand. Their vision is to provide communities throughout Aotearoa New Zealand with opportunities to enjoy a diverse range of music up close experiences.

For over 70 years CMNZ has inspired and challenged audiences, ensuring metropolitan and regional communities through the country can experience the magic of live music. They present more than 120 concerts each year from the Far North to Bluff. CMNZ is committed to enriching the lives of communities through music and are dedicated to reflecting the unique and distinct characters of our people and place. They embrace the versatility that is inherent within chamber music, embodying the spirit of intense, intimate, music up close experiences across a wide range of repertoire and music genres, connecting us to a diverse range of audiences and communities.

Their community engagement programme focuses on working alongside participants and supporting them to find their own creative voice through musical expression. They are committed to building on our networks across the regions of New Zealand to ensure that those living outside the main centres have equal opportunities to experience and participate in musical activity.