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05 Jul 2011

Center for Experimental Media Arts (CEMA)

An innovative lab for experimental media arts which aims to develop new tools and methodologies in the field. The CEMA is a meeting place for artists, hackers, engineers, and scientists. Students can obtain an advanced diploma in Experimental Media Arts.

CEMA hosts international conferences and symposia. It is committed to collaborating with NGOs and private companies at national and international levels in order to grow the networks of contemporary cultural practice.

CEMA is a centre for research into the hybridity of social roles and functions that art + design + Technology can perform. It is a space for critically reflected, practice-based research through art, media, communication, craft and design practice.

The aim is to generate new forms of knowledge by the creation of hybrid disciplines, theories, practices, techniques, and events.

It also offers unique opportunities by creating operating models which link learning, entrepreneurship and innovation. The compiled list of research areas have been identified to create new pedagogical frameworks that will enable learning experiences for the students as well as the broader arts-community.

Key Themes:
•New Artistic & Curatorial Practices
•Popular Science & Cosmology
•Interaction Studies & Innovation
•Living Labs
•Creative Industries & Public Policy Research
•Design for Disability

CEMA understands that people from different backgrounds bring together diverse experiences and expertise to the lab.