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01 Oct 2014

Carpe diem Residency

Carpe diem residency, a series of artist-in-residence programs is designed to invite artists, writers and film makers for a time and space away from their usual social environment and domestic obligations. The founders are a self-driven group of artists and film makers from India who are deeply influenced by nature and the efficacy of human relationships, a recurring motif in their works. They are committed to the cause of enhancing artistic experiences globally and have thus started this residency as a non-profit venture with a nominal fee for institutional and logistical sustenance.

The idea behind the program is to facilitate a stimulating eco-system or co-inhabiting space for artists to participate, research, produce and reflect on an emerging body of work. It allows a fellow artist to explore his/her practice within another community of artists; meeting new people, using new materials and experiencing life organically in a new location. To foster a meaningful and multi-layered cultural exchange and immersion into one another’s culture, we step in as facilitators to engage the artists in intensive workshops, brainstorming sessions and thought-provoking conversations to pursue cross-cultural art and trans-media storytelling.