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05 Jul 2011

Caochangdi Workstation/Living Dance Studio

Caochangdi Workstation Art Center is a Beijing independent art space involving performance art, documentary film/video, and video art. It was founded by filmmaker Wu Wenguang and choreographer Wen Hui in April, 2005. Its existence was made possible through the support of Beijing Storm; Kampnagel in Hamburg; Zuercher Theater Spektakel in Zurich; Borneoco in the Netherlands; Asian Culture Council in the United States; and many friends and supporters both at home and abroad.

The Workstation located in northeastern Beijing's Caochangdi area. Ai Weiwei designed the overall architecture and Beijing Storm built the space. The Living Dance Studio and Wu Wenguang Documentary Studio are based there. Aiming at developing contemporary performances, documentary and video art in China, the Workstation is an open-minded, non-profit arts space open to the public.

The Workstation offers lovers of these art forms a venue in which they are invited, free of charge, to come, study, practice and interact, and information resources shared freely. The Workstation organizes performance festivals, film screenings as well as culture exchange programs, and plans to invite various performance and video artists/scholars/professionals from China and abroad to participate in ongoing interactive workshops and lectures.

The Workstation has built an Archival Library; the collection includes videos and DVDs of Chinese and international documentaries, video-art works, as well as contemporary dance and theater performances. It's open to the public free of charge. The library also houses an archival collection of catalogues, programs, and magazines of performances and exhibitions, both Chinese and international.

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