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03 Sep 2010

Bulgarian National Committee of ICOMOS

Bulgarian National Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites is a nonprofit organisation with noneconomic aim, acting for the public benefit.

BNC of ICOMOS was founded in 1964 right after the establishment of ICOMOS. In 1996 it was registered as a non-profit association. The Bulgarian national committee (BNC) of ICOMOS have 162 members. Most members are individuals, who form a multidisciplinary community of outstanding experts such as architects, engineers, artists, archaeologists, tourism actors, jurists, etc., who work in various fields of the cultural heritage – its conservation, management and promotion.

ICOMOS Bulgarian National Committee (BNC) carries out a wide range of activities:

  1. Implements international programs and projects aimed at providing financial resources for cultural heritage conservation, management, and promotion
  2. Develops and implements national and international projects for the promotion and use of the cultural heritage as a resource both for its preservation as well as for the sustainable development of society
  3. Cooperates with international government and non-government organisations
  4. Participates in the activities of the ICOMOS International Committees 
  5. Studies methodological and specific problems (legislative, managerial and practical) and develops programs, plans, expert opinions
  6. Cooperates with central and local authorities, NGOs and the private business, exchanges experience and coordinates joint actions for heritage conservation and management.