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03 Sep 2010

Brunei Art Gallery

The Brunei Art Gallery organises exhibitions, seminars, workshops, symposium, talks and exhibitions with the goal to promote and educate the public about art heritage in Brunei, as well as facilitate interactions between local artists.

- Nuture, promote and strengthen the National Cultural Policy, by means of arts activities in implementing and upholding the state philosophy Malay Islamic Monarchy.
- Provides the local artists with an exhibition area at a specified time for their works of art.
- To facilitate interactions among the local artists in promoting art activities.
- To improve the quality and standard of arts in the country as a preparation for participation in the regional and international level.

- Organises exhibitions, either by this gallery or individuals, arts associations, government or private agencies and education institutions.
- Organises seminars, workshops, symposium or talks.
- Art exhibitions and sale.

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