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24 Oct 2018

Britto Arts Trust

Britto Arts Trust is the first alternative artist run non- profit network in Bangladesh with a global reach. Established in 2002 for the provocative young and emerging visual artists, Britto Arts Trust is permanently located on Green Road, Dhaka, but works extensively in different locations across the country. It is an expansive and sustainable contemporary art environment and culture that seeds and promotes multiple interdisciplinary practitioners, groups and networks for the Bangladesh art scene. Britto is part of the worldwide Triangle Network. Britto's objectives are to provide a platform for the development of dynamic young and emerging visual artists, where they can discuss, upgrade and experiment with their artistic abilities on their own terms.

Goals of Britto Arts Trust:

  • To actively encourage Bangladeshi artists who needs a platform to expose their self-motivation and diversity through production, exhibition and distribution.
  • To develop new network and long term partnership.
  • To send out Bangladeshi artists and curators as a part of Capacity building scheme.
  • To provide a forum for critical discourse for interdisciplinary art practitioners.
  • To develop fresh and well-versed audience
  • To support artisans, traditional, ethnic and marginal art and culture across the country.
  • To run a non-commercial and experimental gallery space