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23 May 2016

British Council | Fit for China Digital Showcasing & report


The British Council takes its Digital Showcasing programme to China and has released a newly commissioned research report accompanying the Fit for China project. The Digital Showcasing programme takes great arts and culture content from the UK to online audiences around the world.

The British Council commissioned Culture24 to prepare a research report as part of the ‘Fit for China’ digital showcasing pilot. The report provides wider context and understanding for the Fit for China Project, and it will be useful in building contextual understanding for any UK arts and heritage organisation interested in creating digital arts and heritage content for Chinese audiences.


Download Fit for China research report

The British Council have been working with Culture 24, Storythings and 10 UK arts organisations to create a programme of content especially selected for Chinese audiences on the UK Now platform.

The project has been conceived to build on the existing work that the British Council, Culture24 and Storythings have been doing to support UK arts and heritage organisations better engage audiences with their digital content. Culture24 has been helping UK arts and heritage organisations get better at re-using and re-shaping digital content in order to meet the changing needs of audiences online. Storythings have been advising on how to use digital storytelling tactics to meet changing audience attention patterns and behaviours.

In this pilot project the British Council has been working with 10 UK companies for six months to develop ten content packages for Chinese audiences which are being released on UK NOW China over the coming months. These showcases feature especially selected content from each of our partners including films, podcasts, quizzes, photo galleries and new writing.