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04 Jul 2011

Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Centre

Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Centre (CHP) is a registered Chinese NGO that works at the grass-roots level to assist local communities to preserve tangible and intangible local culture through training and capacity building.

Key stakeholders with which CHP works include children, university students, artists and architects, lawyers, tourism industry representatives, journalists, community leaders, and government bureaucrats and leaders. CHP’s core competencylies in cultural heritage law and policy. With the assistance of experts in various fields, it will develop additional core competencies as it grows in strength and resources in future years.

Large portions of China’s rich cultural heritage are at risk due to low awareness and poor enforcement of heritage protection laws, as well as short-sighted policies that sacrifice cultural rights and values to short-term economic gain. Chinese government laws and policies in the field of cultural heritage protection are generally well-conceived, but are not well understood and are often poorly implemented. CHP has been established to address and tackle these issues.