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25 Oct 2018

Bangladesh Shishu Academy

Bangladesh Shishu Academy (BSA) is the national academy for children in Bangladesh. It was established in 1976 with the view to the development of physical, mental, cultural and latent talent of children and thus builds up the future nation builders as efficient citizens. 

From 1992, Bangladesh Shishu Academy’s activities have spread out all over the country through district offices. Every year, more than 30 events have implemented all over the country with three regular activities like cultural training, National children award competition and SBK and Pre-school program.

It works in different areas for overall development of the children. The areas are Music, Dance, Painting, Acting, Musical Instrument playing, Recitation, sports, Information technology, Children film, Children publication, Children library, Children Museum, Debate etc. 

The Academy adorns one Bangladeshi litterateur with the award for his/her overall contribution in the field of juvenile literature. The award was introduced in 1396 BS (1989 Gregorian). A poet or a litterateur is entitled to this award once during his lifetime. Besides, Agrani Bank Award for Juvenile Literature is given to an individual for outstanding juvenile book or illustration every year.

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