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09 May 2011

Baltic Film And Media School

The Baltic Film and Media School (BFM) was founded by the Council of Tallinn University on March 28, 2005 as an academic institution.

Tallinn University Baltic Film and Media School is intended to be developed into an innovative educational centre for the audiovisual sector in the Baltic Region. In its admission policy, the school will maintain approximately equal numbers of students from each of the Baltic States; students from countries outside the Baltic states will be accepted with a preference for students from Nordic and other European Countries in order to further cross-border cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region.

BA in films and video: The curriculum is providing basic knowledge and practical experiences for further working careers in film- and TV studios in the capacity of assisting directors, film editors and script editors and is a basis for continuing studies in MA curricula in film audiovisual arts. Mainly Estonian faculty, providing both film and editing facilities

MA in Film Arts: Curriculum in Film Arts (in English) 2 years.

The international curriculum in film arts is with a variety of options leading to careers or graduate studies in the dynamic world of film and television. The MA curriculum in Film offers both practical and theoretical courses and provides major specialisation modules in all principal film professions Film Director, Film Producer, Cinematographer, Film Editor, Screenwriter, Sound Designer and Film Scientist. Faculty includes foreign professors and is baked by well-equipped digital film and television studio.