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01 Jun 2011

Association of Asian Performing Arts Festivals

Inaugurated in Singapore on 19 June 2004, the Association of Asian Performing Arts Festivals (AAPAF) aims to recognise the growth of arts festivals in the Asian region; identify the potential advantages a regional festival network offers in co-sharing, commissioning, touring works, spin-offs in joint marketing efforts; providing a platform to connect with other networks and to access funding beyond the region. It currently comprises 20 Full Members and 13 Associate Members. AAPAF members comprise performing arts festivals based in Asian Pacific region and beyond, as well as arts networks, institutions and producers.

Every year, AAPAF conduct an Annual General Meeting to review the strategic direction of the Association, introduce new members, and facilitate interaction and exchange within and beyond the membership. The Annual General Meeting is supplemented by additional meetings conducted by the AAPAF Executive Council.

One of AAPAF's key objectives is to catalyse and encourage collaborations and commissions among members, and beyond.

AAPAF also welcomes arts and performance proposals from Asian, Pacific and international touring arts companies, as an additional resource for member festivals to review and get acquainted with diverse artistic voices.

First launched in 2009, the AAPAF Internship Award is the Association's first public initiative to develop the community of young festival managers in Asia.

The AAPAF E-News is a bimonthly electronic newsletter produced by the AAPAF Secretariat, and provides current news, reports, updates and developments of AAPAF members. The AAPAF E-News is aimed at opening more channels of contact and dialogue among members as well as interested professionals outside of AAPAF.