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15 May 2012

Asian Arts Institute of Australia

The purpose of the Asian Art Institute of Australia is to enhance appreciation of, and knowledge about, Asian art in Australia and globally. The Asian Art Institute of Australia (AAIA) was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2008.

AAIA holds regular events, primarily in Sydney, where people share their knowledge and experience of Asian art with others. Presenters are from Australia and from overseas.

AAIA covers a wide range of art forms including ceramics, bronzes, paintings, carpets and textiles. Dates of artworks range from six thousand years old to the present. Geographic areas include all of Asia including South East Asia.

The AAIA serves as a place where people can enjoy artworks and learn about their development and meet others who share these interests. AAIA has a small resource centre with reference books and catalogues on Asian Arts and a small collection of study pieces on loan to AAIA.

AAIA also provides information on their website about Asian Art and has valuable links to Museums and Collections worldwide as well as listing selected dealers in Asian Art, useful books and journals.